E-Light, LLC is now introducing a state-of-the art Emergency Vehicle Alert System (EVAS). The EVAS system contains a series of transmitters, receivers, & LED signals.  A transmitter is installed in the Emergency Vehicle.  When the Emergency Vehicle begins an emergency run, the transmitter is activated, sending an encrypted signal to a receiver in the EVAS device.  The EVAS device is a MUTCD approved enclosure that is installed on the signal wire or mast arm.  The EVAS enclosure is 28x14 in. with a fire truck symbol on the face containing 235 high output amber LED lights.

When the transmitted signal is received, the fire truck symbol begins to flash in all directions of traffic.  The received signal will activate the fire truck symbol from a distance of 1500ft.-2500ft. thereby giving all vehicles at the oncoming intersection time to react to this Visual Signal.  All drivers should react to this signal as if they hear an emergency siren.  This flashing signal will make all drivers aware that an Emergency Vehicle is approaching the intersection.  When the Emergency Vehicle has passed through the intersection, the EVAS system will turn off, thereby returning traffic back to a normal flow.